DMSGuestbook 1.17.2

DMSGuestbook is now available in version 1.17.2!
DMSGuestbook 1.17.2 ist nun verfügbar!
Download: DMSGuestbook


  • Fixed adding widget
  • Fixed PHP notice
  • Fixed jQuery namespace
  • Language list in ‘Basic’ is sorted now
  • Updated jQuery to version 1.7.2

  • Das Problem mit dem hinzufügen des Widgets wurde behoben
  • PHP Meldungen abgefangen
  • jQuery Namensbereich angepasst
  • Die Sprachauswahl unter ‘Basic’ ist nun sortiert
  • jQuery Bibliothek Update nach 1.7.2

33 thoughts on “DMSGuestbook 1.17.2

  1. Hi,

    can you tell me why my entries do not show on my guestbook? I assigned the page “Gastenboek” as the guestbook page but it only shows the form and the number of entries.

    Also, is it possible to automatically approve entries?


  2. Hi Daniel,

    bei der Entwicklung von Plugins sollte man eigentlich den Debug-Modus von WP einschalten. Hättest Du das, hättest Du sicherlich die vielen Warnings des Plugins entfernt 😉


  3. Hello Daniel,
    I just started using your DMS guestbook and am still trying to get it to look right on my page.
    I was hoping you could give me a few pointers.
    The space between the name,e-mail,website fields and the textbox is way too big and I don’t know how to change it.
    I would also like to get these fields (name,e-mail,website) to the left side.

    I would also like to remove the “text* required*” underneath the text box if possible.

    I am planning on removing the ouside borders once I have it look the way I want it.

    Please let me know what you think.

  4. Hi Melanie

    There is a css section to change the appearance of your guestbook: “DMSGuestbook -> Guestbook settings -> CSS”.

    To change required text: “DMSGuestbook -> Language”. File must be writable, otherwise use a FTP client, go to dmsguestbook in your plugin section and open the text file with an editor: “../plugins/dmsguestbook/language/english.txt”.

    If you like to remove or change some elements of the guestbook form, go to “../plugins/dmsguestbook/template/form/default.tpl” and open default.tpl with an text editor.

    Some wordpress theme overwrite the DMSGuestbook css settings. It’s a good way to fix it by inserting your own css in “../plugins/dmsguestbook/template/form/default.tpl” (guestbook form) or “../plugins/dmsguestbook/template/post/default.tpl” (guestbook comments).


  5. To prevent comments that are offensive or spam-related, how can I add the general policy statement at the bottom of your guestbook page:

    “We welcome your contribution. Please respect our community and the integrity of its participants. We reserves the right to moderate and approve your comment. ”

    thank you for your help.

  6. I am using DMS Guestbook (thank you) and would like to allow posts to be submitted and published immediately, without moderation. I tried in the WP-admin/Settings/Discussion to uncheck:
    – Before a comment appears
    – Before a comment appears An administrator must always approve the comment
    – Comment author must have a previously approved comment

    But the messages still are held for moderation. I looked through the Guestbook settings and could not find a way to disable moderation. Is that possible?

    Also, how can I edit the guestbook so that I could add the words “Next page” before the >, when the number of posts cause a second page? Or can I set it to show all posts on one page?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. I found the solutions to the questions in my last paragraph: how can I edit the guestbook so that I could add the words “Next page” before the >, when the number of posts cause a second page? Or can I set it to show all posts on one page?

    But I still seek an answer about how to automate posting without moderation.

  8. Hi, you don’t need to do, It should works without any interaction.
    If you create me a wordpress admin account I will take a look on it as soon as possible.
    You can send the credentials to DMSGuestbook {a t} DanielSchurter ( dot ) Net


  9. Hallo Daniel,

    vielen Dank für die kontinuierliche Arbeit am Gästebuch – eine große Hilfe!

    Bei einem Charity-Projekt ist folgendes Problem aufgetreten, das in meinem Fall offenbar mit dem Plugin zu tun hat. Das Gästebuch wird auf der ausgewählten Seite nicht nur im Content-Bereich angezeigt, sondern auch in den “Custom Posts” (auch Inhaltsblöcke genannt) in den Widgets rechts und unten.

    Habe in einigen Kommentaren gelesen, dass ein anderes Plugin ähnliche Probleme bereitet hat, aber keine Lösung gefunden. Hintergrund ist wohl hier, dass Custom Posts von WordPress wie Seiten angelegt werden. Diese Custom Post-Seiten tauchen dann jedoch nicht bei der DMS-Seitenauswahl auf, da es sich nicht um normale Seiten handelt und können deswegen an dieser Stelle auch nicht gelöscht werden. Besteht vielleicht die Möglichkeit in der Datenbank bei “options” bestimmte Seiten-IDs auszuschließen?

    Viele Grüße aus Berlin


  10. Hi Daniel,
    I trying add clicable smile to dms guestbook. I using smilies-theme-toolbar i foud what you wrote before about this but it didn’t work :(, I have visible smiles but not clicable. DO you have any solution how it figure it out or any other solution what used?


  11. Hi Jakub

    Maybe the author of the sm_toolbar plugin has changed something since 2010, the solution was only a quick and dirty workaround.
    Unfortunately I have no time to inspect the sm_toolbar plugin at this moment, sorry. But it seems to be a Javascript problem (smilies are not clickable) and I suggest you using Firefox with Firebug to find out what went wrong.


  12. Hi Daniel,

    I like your guestbook! Wonderful plugin.
    I only have a language problem.
    I installed WordPress 3.8.1 Dutch
    I downloaded your guestbook. The backend appears in Dutch. I want it however in English, or even better in French.
    How do I do that?
    (i am not talking about the language templates for the frontend.

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