DMSGuestbook FAQ

For DMSGuestbook version until 1.5 (deprecated)

1.) Why I don't see my guestbook on my page?
Have you set the right page id?
Is wp_dmsguestbook on your wordpress database exist?
Is DMSGuestbook_options in the table wp_options on your wordpress database exist?

2.) How can I see the guestbook id in Wordpress 2.5 or above?
Click on your created guestbook page under "Manage -> Page" und you will see the id in your browser url.
E.g. http://yourwordpress/wp-admin/page.php?action=edit&post=3

3.)"Warning: Missing argument 1 for DMSGuestBook(), called in ..."
Delete the <?php DMSGuestbook(); ?> tag in your guestbook page.
This code is not longer necessary in version 1.6.0 and above.

4.) When I select the DMSGuestbook in the plugins section of Wordpress, there is not create a DMSGuestbook database. What's happen?
If you have a mySQL version lower than 4.1 you must reinstall the DMSGuestbook. Go to DMSGuestbook option and reinstall the guestbook table with the option "if you use mySQL 4.0.xx or lower"

5.) When I select the DMSGuestbook in the plugins section of Wordpress, there is not create DMSGuestbook options in the wp_options table. What can I do?
Try to reinstall this in the DMSGuestbook "Database settings" page
Follow the instruction in "Database settings" - > "Is something wrong with my DMSGuestbook_option entry in wp_options?" (default_options.txt)

6.) I want to create DMSGuestbook options manually, what is the correct sql statement?
Follow the instruction in "Database settings" - > "Is something wrong with my DMSGuestbook_option entry in wp_options?" (default_options.txt)

7.) I want to create wp_dmsguestbook manually, what is the correct sql statement?
Follow the instruction in "Database settings" - > "Is something wrong with my wp_dmsguestbook table?" (default_sql.txt)

8.) How can I create my own language template?
Follow the instruction in "../dmsguestbook/language/README.txt"

9.) It's doesn't save correct chars like ü, ä, ö ... on my DMSGuestbook option page, why?
The database collation should be display a language like utf8_unicode_ci, latin1, ISO-8859-1 or other were support special chars.
UTF-8 is the best way if the mySQL version is higher than 4.1, otherwise use latin1, ISO-8859-1 or other were support special chars.

10.) I've checked the permission of xfiles.ttf and captcha.png. Further I don't see the antispam captcha image.
You must have to installed GD libary 2.0.1 or above and FreeType support must be enabled.
Otherwise you can use the mathematic figures antispam captcha system.

11.) My language setting is set to en_EN and the date is flipping every page reload between english and french. What can I do?
Leave blank the setlocate input field.

How can I reach you if I need advice about DMSGuestbook?
I'm attainable under: dmsguestbook (at) danielschurter (dot) net

Daniel Schurter, switzerland


- Added multiple guestbooks
- Guestbook(s) can be placed on protected site(s)
- Few UI changes
- Changed widget tags

- Removed admin and editor role. Why?
- After submit a guestbook post, user can not longer add the same post again which refreshing page
- Italian language template. Thanks to Lucky

- Add admin and editor role
- CSS is saved on external file if permission are given.
- Select or deselect the nofollow tag.
- Russia language template. Thanks to Willi Waefler
- Turkish language template. Thanks to Ersin Dogan

- Gravatar function added
- Antispam $_SESSION removed, replaced with a md5 hash key.
- Options update function improved
- Danish language template. Thanks to Thomas Jorgensen
- Romana language template. Thanks to RO
- Swedish language template. Thanks to Lisa Smith

- Admin menu was redesigned (dbx boxes)
- All CSS entries will save in wp_options table
- Guestbook form and guestbook entries are available as template (beta)
- Define your own email and website imgage
- Define your own mandatory char
- Six ways to mask the ip adress
- Administrator can search entries in guestbook (beta)
- Polish language template. Thanks to Grzegorz Gibas

- Total of guestbook numbers was not displayed by some person -> fixed
- URL icon shows if http:// is missing in DB -> fixed
- Add an guestbook URL overruler
- French language template. Thanks to blancreg
- Dutch language template. Thanks to Joris Heyndrickx

- XSS issue was fixed
- Set an direct linkt from widget to the guestbook post with SHOW_POST
- Widget: SHOW_NR and SHOW_ID added
- Norwegian language template. Thanks to Torjus Faersnes

- SQL injection issue was fixed
- admin.php does check $_REQUEST[folder] & $_REQUEST[file]

- Add sidebar widget
- Administrator can review posts before shown this
- Url display error fixed

- Backup function for DMSGuestbook_options
- Spanish language template. Thanks to Manuel Gualda Caballero
- Bugfixes

- DMSGuestbook don't need longer Exec-PHP
- Create your own language template
- Guestbook can be sort ascending & descending
- If ip adress is shown, then will hidden the last two digits
- Email & website adress will now convert in ascii code (this will prevent spam)
- Redesign the admin page
- Admin can to embed html code with [html]some html code[/html] in each guestbook post
- WHOIS ip query
- DMSGuestbook is now 100% XHML 1.0 Transitional valid
- Code optimized

- Edit the options.php direct from the admin section.
- Split the Manage section in three under sections. (Database, Basic, Advanced settings)

- Add an email notification
- Post edit the date in the manage page

- Remove the img url if an user set emoticon in the guestbook message textfield and not all mandatory fields was filled out. Lukas, thanks for this hint!
- Image captcha is now better readable. (minimize font size, text was better positioned)

- Define the position of the guestbook data input form on your page (top or bottom)
- Define a quick jump link if guestbook data input form is placed on the bottom

- Solved a problem with HTTP_POST_VARS and $_POST. Both variables are possible if user have an older php version. (Thanks Schockie for this hint!)

- Database queries changed (Now it's using the Wordpress database function)
- Reorganize the DMSGuestbook admin area
- Better random antispam captcha output

- The guestbook table can be worked on over the front-end
- The DMSGuestbook options can be worked on over the front-end
- Select the desired language were the date is shown (e.g. Samstag, saturday, samedi...)
- Additionally captcha antispam system added (mathematically)
- Edit the whole guestbook in options.php (CSS)
- FAQ page added
- Version control added
- Code optimized

- Captcha antispam code changing
- Special characters are now correctly displayed

DMSGuestbook released